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Our company set out to deliver long lasting and high-quality adhesive solutions to the world in the durable MOTHER clean power generation technology. We have evolved and become so much more.An important aspect of what we do is to eliminate carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. we always strive to deliver perfect solution for the green energy world.

This wouldn’t be possible without our strong global team, who work diligently and ethically to achieve our ethos and missions. Our only constant is to bring change for the bright future of the mankind. So Global Alternate Solutions Ltd. Technology ensures to maintain their high process standards and continuous development to bring powerful solutions to the world.

Global Alternate Solutions Ltd, (The heir to a long tradition of search and development expertise, innovation and market leadership), In 2000, started research on CPG technology. They manufactured the world’s first self-adhesive CPG technology, with the collaboration of two universities in 2016, and started integration & developing thirty-two variants of CPG technology. In 2002 Global Alternate Solutions Ltd, aimed and designed for clean power generation CPG technology.

In 2002 Global Alternate Solutions Ltd, chose a project for clean power generation CPG technology. In 2011, Global Alternate Solutions Ltd, attracted capital investment for global expansion of game changer innovative MOTHER clean power generation CPG. Global Alternate Solutions Ltd, for the first time in 2020, introduced the innovative state of the art clean power generation MOTHER green energy technology to the world. we have created a new opportunity and lucrative chance in green energy field to the world.


Team Members

Syed Naveed Hussain Shah


Muhammad Riaz Malik

Director Business Development

Malik Ishtiaq

Director HR

Syed Zargham Haider

Director Marketing & Strategy

Syed Junaid Bukhari

Manager International Relations

Chaudhary Hafeez

Director Productions